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Below you will find information about each of the items for maintaining your vehicle. From Oil and Antifreeze to Wiper Blades and Hoses, every section will get you familiar with your car by using plenty of illustrations to help you identify that piece of your vehicle before you start working on it. Once you know where to find your Battery, or your Hoses we’ll give you information on how to repair or replace those items.

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Oil is the life force of your car, and you have to keep it fresh and new after a certain number of miles. But how many miles should you wait before changing your oil? And what brand should you use? Is there anywhere to find a deal?

Air filter

Air filter

Air filters are a maintenance item, and are a critical part of how your car breaths. There are some recommended guide lines for service intervals in the Air filter section, along with how to maintain and replace the air filter in your car.



Anti-freeze is maintained by checking the strength and level. Understand knowledge of different types of anti-freeze and know how to check and top up the coolant level.

Brake Fluid Icon

Brake fluid

Check the brake fluid for age and break down. Understanding how to evaluate the condition of your brake fluid and types of fluid to use. Knowing where to find information on brake fluid and how to top up the fluid level.

Transmission Fluid Icon

Transmission fluid

Check the automatic transmission fluid level and top up. Knowledge of all the different types available and how often to perform routine maintenance.

Belts Icon


Understanding what to look for when visually checking drive belt conditions for wear and proper belt tension.

Fuel Systems Icon

Fuel Systems

Helpful advice for maintaining your fuel system and preventing unwanted repairs.

Tires Icon


Planning ahead for a trip? Here’s a section that will show you how to maintain proper inflation of your tires, get better gas mileage, and the best wear on the tread of your tires.

Wiper Blades Icon

Wiper Blades

Check and replace the wiper blades, along with tips and advise for extending the life of the blades and helping with visibility issues when traveling.

Car Batteries Icon


Helpful advise for maintaining a good battery along with what to expect with an old battery. Learn about the life expectancy and how to test a battery to determine replacement.

Steering Fluid Icon

Steering Fluid

Monitoring the power steering system,locating the reservoir, checking the power steering fluid, and knowing what type of fluid to use. These are some of the things you’ll learn about.

Cooling System Hoses Icon

Cooling System Hoses

How to check and determine the condition of the cooling system hoses. Preventative maintenance is the best plan before a road trip, and not becoming a stranded motorist.

Exterior Lighting

Exterior Lighting

Checking and replacing the exterior light bulbs for your safety when planning on driving at night. Knowing what type of bulb to use and what wattage to use. These are some of the things to learn about.