This article will take you through a step by step process to replace a power window motor.

Keep in mind that every vehicle is different when it comes to similar repairs. Here is a 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee that had a customer concern of the driver’s window moving slow and stopping in mid travel. This is a relatively easy repair on a Jeep Cherokee when compared to other vehicles.

Open the door and locate where the panel screws are.

Door panel

This panel has 4 screws and a dozen or so reusable clips.

All of these are #2 Philips screws

Locate screws
Hidden screw

Each recessed area has a screw to secure the panel.

One screw in the inner door handle

Handle screw
Screw behind cap

There’s a hidden screw under this cover.(Pry out cover with a small flat blade screw driver)

Pull the handle trim cover toward you and lift the trim cover over the release handle.

Pull handle trim
Lift off trim

The panel is only held on by clips at this point, pry out at the bottom and then the sides.

Pry out bottom
Pry out sides

Lift the panel off of the door by grabbing the inner handle and pull it up and toward you.

Lift off panel

Disconnect the wiring connector for the window switches by pushing a release tab and pulling apart.

Window switch connector

Remove the panel and the black moisture barrier,(The moisture barrier helps to keep out wind and rain)

Moisture barrier

Now you can see the window regulator and motor in the door.

Start by locating where the glass attaches to the regulator, you might need to connect the switch to power down the window.

Window attaching nut
Right attaching nut

Loosen and slide the regulator left to allow the glass to separate, slide the glass up and tape to the door edge to hold.

Locate the mounting bolts, remove the top and loosen the bottom.

Regulator mount bolts

Here is a second slide bolt, loosen but do not remove.

More mount bolts
More mount bolts

Remove the last two mounting bolts. See the large access hole at the base of the door from where to remove the regulator.

Don’t forget to unplug the window motor.Lift the tab and pull apart.

Once removed, this is what the whole assembly looks like.

Regulator assembly

Be very cautious not to pinch your fingers in the folding mechanism when separating the motor from regulator!!

This regulator has a tremendous amount of spring tension.

Regulator spring
Motor attaching bolts

Have someone secure the regulator when removing the motor bolts. Keep your fingers out of the way!!

Make sure the window motor is identical to the old one.

Comparing motors
Comparing connectors

If you buy a new motor the connector comes on it, remanufactured motors don’t come with one. You will have to cut the old connector off and solder it onto the remanufactured motor.

The rest of the procedure is in the reverse order of removal.

Bolt the motor onto the regulator assembly and put the regulator into the door and attach the mounting bolts.

Reattach glass to regulator

Once the regulator is bolted in place, slide the window down and slide the regulator attaching bar over nuts on window glass mounting fixture. Don’t get carried away when tightening these nuts, you don’t want to break the glass.

Plug in the motor to the harness, install the moisture barrier, and door panel.

Reattach panel

Attach the panel by pushing the clips into place and installing the screws.

Check window operation

Check the window to make sure it’s operating properly.

Comparison pricing

Just to get an idea of how much you can save by doing this job yourself, here’s a comparison pricing of the two.

If you paid a repair shop to fix your window, add a 100% mark up on the part and at least 2 hours labor at $80.00 an hour.

Window repair by doing it yourself: $75.00 with a lifetime warrantee.

Window repair at a repair shop: $310.00 plus tax with a 12 month warrantee.