In the area of the mid west that I’m from, here is a list of parts stores to have access to. Some of these are national parts store chains.

NAPA Auto Part Indianapolis

NAPA Auto Parts

The NAPA website is it’s very user friendly. You have access to a complete price list and NAPA is a nation wide parts chain. Enter your zip code, car type, year, make, model and a part description. (example; motor mount, water pump, oil filter, etc.)

O'Reilly auto parts

O’Reilly Auto Parts

O’reilly is known for great monthly specials. They can get parts the same day or overnight if their not instock. Their best quality is price matching, if its cheaper elsewhere they will adjust the price. They offer great parts warranties as well.

Auto zone

Autozone Auto Parts

This is a great place to get parts, fluids, cleaners and accessories for your everyday needs. They can also special order parts when not in stock. Autozone perk; make 5 purchases over $20 in 6 mths. you’ll receive a $20 giftcard.

Advance auto parts

Advance Auto Parts

Great store with good pricing and store hours. They offer a well trained staff for parts help and have access to more factory or OEM parts for the domestic car lines. Advance also can special order parts on Sundays and holidays.


Pull a Part-Used Auto Parts

Here is a very user friendly website for checking on parts availability and pricing for the do it yourself type person.

Junkyard parts

In reference to Junk yard parts-an alternative to parts stores check out this post for an inside look into a do it yourself auto parts store.

Searching for the best deals

When pricing parts for your car, price around to find the best deal? Parts usually rotate around on sale every couple of months from one place to another, use the promotions section for monthly specials. Pricing can be done on line ahead of time. Once you found a good deal, call to check on the availability and find out if it might be a special order part. Sometimes special order parts take a day or two to get. Another good question to ask is, what kind of warranty does it have? Some parts have a 90 day warranty, but for a little more cost you could get a part with a full year warranty.

Keep in mind that aftermarket parts stores are designed for the do it yourself type person. Most automotive repair shops do not install parts purchased from an outside parts source. There are two reasons why repair shops don’t install customer supplied parts. The first reason is that repair shops have a deal with certain parts stores, that if they use their parts and that part should fail then the parts store will cover the cost of the part for the duration of the warranty. If you supply a part and the shop was to install it, and it failed, then they would have to jump through hoops in order to assist you in receiving a warranty. That is why most shops will not install parts brought in by customers. The second reason is, the repair shop gets a special break on parts purchases by using certain shops and can mark up the parts to gain access to more money that can help cover overhead cost of running a business.

This is why it’s good to learn about how automobiles work and how to perform repairs yourself. Learning is good, but saving money is better.