One of the things most people never do is change a tire or use the spare tire that is in their vehicle. In this post you can learn how.

With the thought of making a phone call to AAA, or limping your car to the nearest Wal-mart to have a tire repaired or replaced, why would anyone worry with changing a spare? Here are a few reasons why.

When doing a routine maintenance inspection or getting prepared for a trip, it would always be a good idea to check the spare tire for air and make sure the jack and tools are there and functioning correctly. Just as a safety precaution in case you break down, and prevent you from getting stranded.

This vehicle is a 1998 Volvo V-70

Locate the owner's manual
Owner's manual

If possible, locate the vehicle owner’s manual to find and learn about the spare tire, jack and tools that are provided from the manufacture for your vehicle.

Table of contents
Where to find info

If your vehicle’s manual is gone, find a replacement owner’s manual at factory auto manuals

Spare tire storage
Tire and tools

Remove the spare and tools for use.

This is also an opportunity to check and adjust the air pressure.

Note: Refer to the “How to check and adjust tire pressures section”

Spare inflation valve

Spare tires also have a speed rating, this one is 50 mph.

Lug wrench

This is the lug wrench used for removing the lug bolts or nuts when taking the wheel off.

Always make sure to loosen, (but do not remove) the lugs before jacking up the vehicle.

Loosen lug bolts

By following the manual, you can know how to use the jack and locate the jack points.

Jack placement

The most important thing to remember when using a car jack is to use only on a flat level surface.

Secure the jack

Make sure the jack is securely placed between the frame and ground, and raise the vehicle enough to remove the wheel.

Jack up vehicle

With the vehicle raised, remove the lug bolts and wheel.

Remove lugs and wheel

Be very cautious when working with a vehicle supported by a jack. Do not put yourself under or near any part of the vehicle that hurt you if it was to fall off of the jack!!

Install spare and lugs

Install the spare and lug bolts.

Snug the lugs, lower the jack, and tighten the lugs as tight as possible with the supplied lug wrench.

Tighten lugs

Tighten the lugs in a star pattern to allow the wheel to fit securely against the hub.

Tightening pattern

Reassemble the spare and jack when done.

Reassemble spare

Making sure the spare and tools are in good working order is a great preventative maintenance to do.

Note: Manual illustrations from Volvo